Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Day Six-wine input-ZERO. the huge bottle is still unopened. I feel good about that. I am almost thinking of the wine as the enemy now. The thought of tasting it, does not even appeal to me.

caffeine input-minimal. Typical morning input. It still tastes good. I wonder if I should give it up completely. Something to think about this weekend.

Food input-also minimal. Soup at work yesterday due to the illness...........and dinner that I didn't finish. Made some snacks for the kids..........had a couple. Off to bed. Maybe its my secret destiny to get through this first week being sick, to get me off the bad input and into the good input.

Dog walking-yes! Still full force. He loves me and he deserves this. And I am sure my body is loving me for it.

Things to think about. The big one. Going to the doctor. Something not mentioned, because I don't think about it. Getting back on my medication for my thyroid. Ha! Maybe that would help me lose this weight. But too embarassed to go just yet, as my weight is TOO high. How many people try to lose weight before their check up. I DO! The damn nurse always says my weight OUT LOUD.

Other things to think about. Going back to the gym. Finding a life that is healthier.......which will hopefully make me happier. In the end, all I am looking for is happiness. A sense of belonging inside my skin.

Its a new year..........options are limitless.

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